My name is Jessica Hughes I am a freelance stylist and photographer, currently residing in Salt Lake City, Utah.

I’ve always been a creature of the creative mind; I receive the most inspiration when I allow myself to access those urges, though fear is a constant battle for me.

Whether it be photography, styling or music I think it’s important to test the boundaries of your talent. I found this old Canon AF35M at a thrift store in Utah and decided to start taking photos on film, I feel the most personal success with this type of camera and I realized that not being able to immediately see how the photos turn out, allows me to be in the moment and when I get to see the photos I can think about how these photos are turning out and why. I've learned more about my way of taking photos through using film and though I will continue to take photos using digital, for now I enjoy the tone and moment that is trapped in that photo on film.

I love french house and flowers from Trader Joe's 

That's all for now